Note to self – sort of.

Gotta ditch WordPress, if White House and even my local bank with hundreds of thousands of everyday customers are using Drupal, then…? Started my affiliate business more than 10 years ago also with Drupal.

About myself

I can play on a tournament into the top 10% quite naturally, it’s usually where the money is. That’s it.   When I started, for me there was a place usually in the last 20%.

A tip for software users.

You might have 70% change of winning by the software and You go hard, the opponent might even then have a advantage. I’ve lost little too much like that. Only if You have the nuts, it’s, You know… interesting. Let the decisionmaking be in Your hands, not the software’s.

No poker hand —

— is exactly the same, people have different cards in their hands, (even if You have the same as the time before). Different tables, different players at the table.